Mobile App and Coin Laundromat that is clean, safe and very well maintained

CleanStyle Laundry Lounge is a Mobile App and coin laundromat in Santa Cruz. When the new owner purchased this laundromat, he wanted high standards for his new business. He refurbished it turning it into his vision of what a laundromat should be- bright and beautiful. He wanted people to be surprised at how top notch, clean and orderly a laundromat could be, and wanted his place to be the premier laundromat in all of Santa Cruz.

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Self-Serve Laundromat

With more than 66 washers and dryers, you'll be finished with your laundry in no time!

Our Laundromat Has You Covered

A Message from CleanStyle Laundry

In 2018, a young man had one of those life changing moments during a Real Estate Brokers class. Chapter 7 was all about selling businesses and they used laundromats as an example. Right then he knew he wanted to own his own laundromat. He found just the right location and opportunity in Santa Cruz and purchased it immediately. He had high specifications and knew exactly what he envisioned a great laundromat should be- clean, light & bright and orderly, and got right to work creating this top-notch facility. And that is the story of how CleanStyle Laundry Lounge came to be.