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Coin and Card Laundromat with Self Service Laundry in Santa Cruz, CA

CleanStyle Laundry Lounge is a beautiful, bright and clean self-service coin laundry in Santa Cruz. We have background music playing, ample folding tables, a soap dispenser and a double change machine.

You can pay with the phone app Pay Range, use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit cards if you don’t want to use coins.

Our coin laundromat is in Sea Bright Plaza, a micro mall with on-site and street parking near a hardware store, restaurant, barber shop, hair salon, and nail salon. We have 26 large washers and 40 dryer pockets and offer some of the lowest prices in town:

Self-Service Pricing

  • 30 lb Dexter Washer (8 Total) $6.25
  • 40 lb Dexter Washer (15 Total) $6.75
  • 60 lb Dexter Washer (2 Total) $9.00
  • 80 lb Dexter Washer (1 Total) $12.00
  • 30 lb Dryer $0.25 (5 Minutes)
  • 50 lb Dryer $0.25 (4 Minutes)

We are open from 7AM to 9PM. The last load must be in by 8:30PM.